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Her Story told in History.

When we consult the canon of history we discover one meagre shelf dedicated to women's history. History by definition records the deeds of men. We only know of a few saints, the odd monarch, the women married to famous men, and some random revolutionaries. We know too of  the scandalous women, the irrevant women and of those who broke the rules.

Most of the deeds, achievements and records of women however, are not recorded in history books. There are very few statues, or railway stations or roads or parks or bridges named after women. Who are the women artists, musicians, scientists, writers, heroines and laurates? 

To learn of the history of women, we must look deeper, we much search in the crevices, beneath rocks, under beds and around corners. We must rummage in chests and think outside of boxes.

Here you will come to know the untold stories, the deeds, achievements and brilliance of women who made history. Her Story told in History. MawieB charts the stories of the mythical women, the medieval women, the modern women and the malevolent women. It discusses the women of science and the women of art and brings their exploits and achievements to the fore. 

Mawie B